Past Guests

Our Past Guests – Hover over the photos for their names


Some of our Guests have included:

Dr. Michelle Bengston – Author and Neuropsychologist
Erin Bottsford – Top 100 Financial Planner in the U.S.
Maricela Carelock – Ventriloquist
Rebecca Carrell – Dallas Radio Show Host, Author and Keynote Speaker
Karin Daniel – Producer of Scandanavia Live Television Show
Debbie Efurd – Author, Speaker and Founder of an Anti-Abortion Ministry, Initiative 180
Bonnie Floyd – Keynote Speaker and Author of Bound to a Promise, a book about the murder of her parents.
Bobby Hayden – Former Rock and Roll guitarist, drug addict and homeless person
Bruce Hebel – Author, Speaker and Founder of “Forgiving Forward” Ministry.
Bob Higley – TV CEO, Parables TV and Uplift Network
Joanie Higley – former Director of Affiliate Relations at Trinity Broadcasting Network
Karol Kinder Ladd – Best-selling author of over 35 books and keynote speaker
John Lineberger – Professor
Clifton Jansky – Top Christian country music artist
Susie Jennings – Author and Homeless advocate
Jeanne Nigro – Author, Teacher and Television Show Host
Loren Norris – Television General Manager and Host
Peggy O’Connor – Singer, Evangelist and Author
Dr. Mark Pfeiffer – Author and Director, Christian Institute of Islamic Studies
Virginia Prodan – Romanian attorney and author
Suellen Roberts – Founder, Christian Women in Media
Steve Riach – Author and Television and Movie Producer
Caesar Rentie – Former College football standout, now pastor
Dr. Victoria Savardi – Author and Speaker, Successful Business Owner
Safeeya Schnaufer – Speaker and former Muslim
Debbie Stuart – Author and Keynote Speaker, Hope for the Heart Team

And many other exciting and notable guests including:

Shawn Atkinson


Fanny Minnitt

Ronna Jordan

Alejandro and Rebekah Arias

LeAnn Walters

Alynda Long

Amy Hayes

Lexie Laconi

Amy Morgan

Linda Goldfarb

Andrea Spencer-Sallis

Angela Zatopek

Linda Churchwell

Ann White

Athena Dean

Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Aubrey McNutt

Liz Morris

Aurora Ortega Geis


Barry Eggleston


Becky Harling


Benjamin Dane Robinson

Lloyd Ware


Loren Norris


Lou Ann Smith

Beth Taylor

Lucas Miles

Beth Townsend


Betty Medlock

Lynn Russell

Betty Willis


Beverly Bilbo


Bethany Bilbo Rasmussen


Bill Loveless

Lynnette Simm

Brenda Crouch

Marcie Finney


Marie Valdez


Mark Lubbock

Brian Troy

Caren Bright

Mark Pfeiffer


Mark Smeby

Carole Gilbert

Marti Martin and Kim

Catherine Weiskopf

Marybeth Rosato

Catherine Walker

Melissa Fairchild


Michelle Welch


Michelle Ruddell

Cathy Kilpatrick

Cecilia Bacon

Mike Arnold


Mike Shreve

Chandra Hawthorne


Charlene Burroughs


Charlene Sims

Millicent Poole

Cherry Fargo


Chris and Nancy Conant


Chris Coffman


Chuck Jamison


Cindy Hyde


Cliff Powell



Mona Corwin

Connie and Jim Tolbert

Monica Johnson

Craig Morgan

Nan Brown Self

Cynthia Shuster

Nancy Brown

Darryl Horn

Dave Terre

David McDonough

Nancy Holdeman

Deborah Buffone

Nancy Nelson

Debra Nussbaum Moore

Nancy Orman

DeLayne Haga


Delta Emmerson


Devin Wyman

Shelby McQueen Wyman

Devora Clark Cohen

Nick Gass

Diana Smalley


Diane Bishop

Nikki Abramson

Donna Patrick

Pat McNatt


Patty Mason


Paula Abbott

Donna Skell

Peter and Petra Spencer

Dr. Bob Rausch


Dr. “Danielle”

Phyllis Jenkins

Dr. Everett Piper

Dr. Gayle Timberlake

Rabbi Marty Cohen

Dr. Grace Allman Burke

Rabia Smith

Dr. Jae Carter


Dr. Kathy Koch

Rachelle Fletcher

Dr. Mark Jones

Ray Biggs

Dr. Paul Taylor

Rebecca Nye

Dr. Sam Serio

Regina Elliott

Ed Vitagliano

Renee Rollins

Elizabeth Broz

Richard Land

Evelyn Hines

Rick Irvin

Robert Borelli

Fran Taylor


Frank Ball


Gail Duran


Gaye Lindfors

Rosemary Legrand

Geni Manning


Gentle Shedrack

Sandra Crawford Williamson


Sandra Pate


Sandy Loker

Sarah Nelson

George Vincent

Shannon Johnson

Sharon D. Newton

Gloria Rodriguez

Sharon Fox

Greg Rosenberg

Hadassah Farris

Sharon Hill

Heather Anderson

Helene Terry

Hilary Kennedy

Sharon Patterson Payne


Shawn Atkinson

Isabel Burlouse

Shelly Cramm

Jackie Hooks

Sherry Ryan

Jacqueline Johnson

Sherry Stahl

James Schup

Shirley Gomez

Jan Stroman

Sonny Gann

Jan Tennyson

Janee Hill

Steph Carse


Stephen E. Strang

Janis Marek Harper

Steve Reed

Jared Okelo

Sue Arrington

Jason McAlister

Sue Detweiler

Jenni Eastin

Sue McGray

Jennifer McAlister

Susan B. Mead

Jeryn Laengrich


Susan Lewis

Jessica Lusk

Susan Irvin

Jim Faulk

Susan Meredith Beyer

John Turner

Suzie Humphreys

Jonathan Cahn


Johnna Howell

Sydney Hewitt

Jon Lineberger

Tammy Daniel

Joy Ware Miller

Tina Boyd

Jillian MacKnight


Terri Gilbert


Tina Marie Griffin

Judy Litalien

Thelma Wells

Theresa Rowe

Tong Zang

Karen Lawrence

Tracey Gatewood

Kathy Green

Valerie Bracchi


Valerie Sokolosky

Kathy Taylor

Veronica Sites

Kayla Grizzard


Wanda McKinley

Wayne Faust

Keresa Richardson

Yundrae Wilson

Kerrie Oles


Kim Bergman


Kimberly Fletcher