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COMING UP on A Time To Dream

Our A Time To Dream program features Dr. Cara Tucker, Dr. Michelle Bengsten, Karen Witemeyer, Sharon Patterson Payne and Dr. Mitch Land.


Listen on the Fishbowl Network on Thurs 8-15-2019 at Noon, Sunday 8-18-2019 at 3:00pm and on WRNO Worldwide Radio on Monday 8-19-2019 at 8:00pm.

Our program begins with Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Cara Tucker and a number of other shorter faith stories, including Author and Neuropsychologist, Dr. Michelle Bengston, Award-Winning Fiction Author, Karen Witemeyer, Author, Sharon Patterson Payne and the Dean of Media and Worship Arts at Kings University, Dr. Mitch Land.

Dr. Cara Tucker, author of the book “Unlabeled,” will share about how she overcame growing up in a very poor family where her father struggled with addictions. She will also talk about her call to go into the prisons and to do emergency medicine work.

Dr. Mitch Land will share about how God brought him through the loss of a child.

Sharon Patterson Payne had some supernatural encounters with angels in the midst of a divorce.

Both Dr. Michelle Bengston and Karen Witemeyer discuss the importance of being transparent about our stories.


A Time to Dream is an hour-long evangelical international radio interview program broadcast on four networks 1) Fishbowl Network at www.fbrn.us, 2) WRNO Radio at www.wrnoworldwide.com, 3) TWR 360 at www.twr360.org, and 4) on Shortwave Radio at 7505 kHz at the same time as WRNO Radio.

A Time to Dream features personal testimonies of those who once had shattered dreams, but have now found new hope and restored dreams through a growing relationship and the healing power of Jesus Christ. Each program includes a clear presentation of the Gospel and an invitation to receive Christ.

On this website, you will find information about upcoming shows and links to past programs. Co-Hosts for the program are Donna Skell and Lisa Burkhardt Worley.

OUR HOSTS for A Time To Dream

Lisa Burkhardt Worley

A 19-year television media veteran, Lisa has appeared nationally as a correspondent on the program Inside the NFL, ESPN, was an anchor on the Madison Square Garden Network in New York City and worked locally in Chattanooga, Tennessee and San Antonio, Texas.

Lisa answered a call to full-time ministry in 2003, founding Pearls of Promise Ministries and also works as Director of Special Projects for Roaring Lambs Ministries. She is an award-winning author of five books, If I Only Had…Wrapping Yourself in God’s Truth During Storms of Insecurity, two children’s books, The Most Powerful P and The Most Powerful P Activity Book and Prayer Journal, Stories of Roaring Faith and the Pearls of Promise Devotional. If I Only Had… the winner of four writing awards, including being named a finalist in the religious non-fiction category of the Next Generation Indie Awards. Lisa, a sought after speaker, earned a Masters of Theological Studies degree from Perkins School of Theology in 2008. 

Donna Skell

Donna is an experienced radio show host, well-respected speaker, teacher, and ministry leader. She has provided speakers for events and program guests for television and radio shows over the course of her career.

Donna is the Executive Director of Roaring Lambs Ministries, a ministry that teaches people how to boldly communicate their faith. Through Roaring Lambs, Donna organizes events, workshops, Bible studies and conferences. In addition she oversees Roaring Lambs Publishing, and has helped authors bring their message to the marketplace. Donna has co-authored two books, What’s Your Story of His Glory and Stories of Roaring Faith released in 2016.

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